Wheel Alignment Birmingham

The primary function of your cars suspension and steering systems is to allow the wheels to move independently of the car, while keeping it “suspended” and stable. Any play or uncontrolled motion in these systems results in a deterioration of handling and accelerated tyre wear. Vehicle alignment is closely tied to the condition of the suspension and steering systems.

Suspension System

Worn or loose components affect the suspension systems ability to control motion and alignment angles, resulting in a deterioration of vehicle handling and stability, and accelerated tyre wear. The main components of the suspension system are:

  • Control Arms
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Struts
  • Ball Joints
  • Springs (Coil or Leaf)

Think you have steering or suspension problems? Beside pulling and bouncing, signs include uneven or excessive tyre wear and poor steering control. If you’re in Birmingham of the surrounding area and you notice any of these symptoms, or if you have questions about steering or alignment, contact TT Auto Centre today on 0121 356 6000.

Wheel Alignment Services in Birmingham

Wheel Alignment Symptoms

  • Do you have issues with handling or does something feel off when steering?
  • Is the wear on your tyres uneven?
  • Have you been in a minor accident?
  • Have you hit a deep pot hole or struck the kerb?

You may have a wheel alignment or balancing issue and should get it checked out and repaired if necessary.

Alignment Service

At TT Auto Centres we have state of the art wheel alignment equipment and software, which lets us check your car’s alignment against the manufacturer’s recommended wheel alignment settings. This allows us to firstly restore these settings to where they should be and secondly, it allows us to collect the data and monitor your car’s alignment over time. Our wheel alignment equipment and software is comprehensive, as well as advanced, and allows us to treat any type of car – from Subarus to BMWs and from Mercedes to Jaguars.

Our Digital Super Tracker wheel alignment is an important piece of car maintenance that ensures your car’s wheels are giving their best performance in terms of handling, fuel economy, ride comfort and even tyre life.

Thanks to advances in the technology used to measure wheel alignment, a computerised alignment can have your wheels back to the precise positioning that they were when they left the factory, and our standard wheel alignment use lasers to ensure a good alignment for your car.

A car’s wheels go out of alignment from everyday use, but knocks and bumps caused by potholes or ‘curbing’ your car can have an immediate effect on your car’s tracking.

Even though you might not immediately notice the effect to your car, even having wheels that are misaligned by a small amount can have a negative impact on your car’s fuel economy and tyre wear, however the further out of alignment your tracking is, the more noticeable the impact will be.

While the two are often confused, wheel alignment is not the same as wheel balancing. We’ll always recommend the best solution for your car.

Our wheel alignment and balancing check service will save you money, ensure safety and give you piece of mind.

If you’re in or around the Birmingham area and you think you might have a wheel alignment or balancing issue CALL US now on 0121 356 6000 to get a free estimate for your car.